Clinics that last more then one day are usually for one of the following target groups.

  • Instructor/Trainer
  • Show officials (judges, course designers and technical delegates)
  • Active riders at all levels including the advanced levels

Lessons can either be ridden privately or in small groups. Normally, a clinic is also combined with theoretical explanation and when possible with video analysis.

Many clinics are versatile for a wide variety of horse and rider combinations (i.e. novice riders/experienced riders/jumping/flat lessons), but other clinics will have a very specific content, such as:

  • Dressage clinics
  • Dressage clinics with cavalletti and/or light gymnastics over fences
  • Jumping clinics
  • Cross-country clinics
  • Eventing clinics

On request, Martin is also available to instruct amateur Trainer Courses (Trainer C-, B-, A – qualification +/or continuing education).

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